CNA Skills and Qualifications – A Closer Look

CNA Skills
If you have come up with the decision of becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant or a CNA, it is not just enough that you complete the necessary requirements and take up the training program for it. You will also need to have a better understanding of the CNA skills that are considered a prerequisite so that you can be...

How to become a Certified Nurse Assisstant?

Certified Nurse Assisstant
In these modern times, various jobs are available in every corner of the world.  Professionals have a wide range of choices in terms of a career.  In the medical field, one may find doctors, nurses and technicians.  In addition, there has been a growing opportunity for certified nurse assistants.  So what, what do certified nurse assistants do and how...

Certified Nursing Assistant vs Nurse: What are the Differences?

Certified Nursing Assistant vs Nurse
Though both working in the field of healthcare, there is a defined hierarchy wherein certified nursing assistants (CNAs) and registered nurses (RNs) hold their respective places. Apart from added educational background, there are multiple differences between the two such as duties, certification prerequisites, and of course, salary. Before we explain further in detail the dissimilarities between two professions, let...

What Do I Do After I Finish My CNA Course?

CNA Course
This is most likely the first question that pops in the mind of a CNA (certified nursing assistant) graduate once the course comes to an end. While you have reached your dream of making it to the last day of your CNA class, you can be well-assured that it isn’t the end of the challenge. In fact, it’s only...

Why You Should Pursue a Career in Pediatrics

What is Pediatrics? Pediatrics mainly deals with the children’s physical, emotional and social health from birth until young adulthood. “Paediatrics” is derived from the Greek words (pais = child) and (iatros = healer); as a whole means “healer of children”. This medical specialization only developed in the mid-19th century. Pediatric Nurses are not Pediatricians Although pediatric nurses and pediatricians...

The Best Place to Work is the Emergency Room

Emergency Room
What is it like to work in the ER? Television shows display both elegant and unsightly view into the life of ER medical professionals which may have stirred up your curiosity. Emergency Room allows an intensive immersion in the field of medicine. Being a medical professional who handles the worst part of patient injury and illness, you will be...

CNA Job Description

CNA Job Description
Are you considering a job or career as a certified nursing assistant or CNA? Nurse assistants are largely growing over the years and its population is expected to grow even more rapidly for the years to come. This is why a lot of institutions are now offering this short course or training program. If you are interested in becoming...

What is a CNA nurse?

What is a CNA nurse?
What is a CNA nurse? This article explains what a CNA nurse is, along with their responsibilities and their duties. You'll be shocked to hear all of the duties of a nurses' aid. Learn about CNA nurses today, right now!

Write Your Amazing CNA Resume

cna resume
Your resume is a representation of your background and the skills that you possess. It is the document that will get you that interview and possibly that certified nursing assistant job. A typical certified nursing assistant resume will contain a summary of relevant job experience and your education background. All these are crucial aspects in determining your suitability for the...

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