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Top Reasons on Why You Should Take Online CNA Classes

Online CNA Classes
Online education is rapidly growing these days, with the availability of online resources and internet connection in almost every corner of the world. Different courses, programs and certifications are being offered in various fields, giving anyone the opportunity to learn about a particular field or course whenever and wherever you want to. In fact, this form of education is...

Tips on How to Get Online CNA Training

You surely have been aware of how jobs are getting harder and harder to find nowadays. With the varying state of economy anywhere, as well as the downsizing industries, there is no surprise if any professional would feel kind of hesitant when it comes to landing on a good-paying and stable job. If there is one field that is...

Tasty and Healthy Snacks Fit For CNA’s

Certified nursing assistants, or CNAs, work with a registered nurse to care for patients. They may work in health care facilities, nursing homes, or in private residences. They often work difficult hours every week and do not have a lot of time for themselves. As a nursing assistant, you have to take good care of yourself before you can...

Volunteer Positions to Try Before Becoming a CNA

Becoming a CNA
When thinking about a career as a CNA, or as any kind of nurse, many people overlook that you can get real practical experience, and see the job up close and personal.  It’s not even that hard to do. But how?  Well, there are quite a few places that you can volunteer and see nurses and CNAs at work....

Nurse Assistant Salary

Nurse Assistant Salary
Being a nurse assistant or a certified nursing assistant can be a smart option if you are looking for an alternative career. Whether you are planning to take this job temporarily so you can earn a living for the meantime, or if you are looking to make a long term career out of it, this type of work can...

Duties of a CNA

Duties of a CNA
Certified Nursing Assistants/Aides (CNAs) are responsible for helping patients or clients with healthcare needs. As a CNA, you must work under the supervision of an RN (Registered Nurse) or a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). CNAs are also known as Nursing Assistants, State-Tested Nurse Aids (STNA) or Patient Care Assistants (PCA). If you want to earn this title, you must...

What does a CNA do?

What does a CNA do?
What does a CNA do? Many people don't realize there are different kinds of nurses. What makes a CNA different? How does it compare to an RN or LPN, which require more training? What do nurses' aids do to improve people's lives?

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