CNA Classes in Nebraska (NE)

To become a Certified Nursing Assistant in Nebraska you need to do a training program which is handled by the ‘Department of Health and Human Services’. After your training you have to do an exam. If you pass you become a registered CNA.

Before you Start.

If you want to become a CNA in Nebraska you have to meet the following;

  • You must be at least 16 years old.
  • You must have a High School Diploma or a GED.
  • You must understand and speak English.
  • You must do a physical exam, and pass a drug and TB test, also have proof of immunizations.
  • You must have a criminal background check, including felony arrest and fingerprints.

How to Apply.

Some people do not have to do the training if they can show that they are experienced and can take the exams straight away.

The following are those candidates-

  • If you certificate has lapsed by no more than two years.
  • A military CNA, nursing student, a candidate with foreign Certified Nursing Aide training, and a lapsed LPN or RN.

Everyone else needs training at state approved centers. A list can be seen by following this link.

Training programs are split between the classroom and hands-on experience. The training takes at least 75 hours with 16 hours practical learning and the rest in the classroom. After the training you can apply for the exams.  The exam has 70 questions and you need to do 6 nursing aide tasks in order to pass.

You can apply for the exam by contacting to either of the following –

Province Health Care Institute.

4600 Valley Road, Suite 401,
Lincoln, Nebraska 68510.
Phone: (402)364-2330 or 326-2792
Website –  Follow this link.

Nebraska Health Care learning Center.

3900 NW 12th Street, Suite 100,
Lincoln, Nebraska 68521-3037.
Phone: (402)435-3551
Website: –Follow this link.


CNA certification in Nebraska costs about $500. If you get the training where you work then the fees are given back to you.

Certificate Renewal.

  • A certificate lasts for 24 months. If certified nursing assistants are not involved in a paid job for over 24 months, your certificate lapses.
  • You don’t have to continue with your training to stay active on the register but you do need to prove that you have done at least 12 hours paid work at a licensed Medicaid facility.
  • CNAs, who have completed the training of 75 hours but are not working for 2 years, can renew the certifications by taking the exams again.

Must Know Facts.

  • If candidates fail to pass the exam in 3 attempts must retake the 75 hours training.

Traditional Classes Training Centers

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