CNA Classes in North Dakota (ND)

If you want to be a CNA in North Dakota you first have to do a training program and then pass exams. After this you will be put on the state’s registry and can work as a certified nursing assistant. The training programs and state’s registry are monitored by the North Dakota Department of Health. Testing, notifications and scoring are done by the D&S Diversified Technologies.

Before You Start.

To become eligible to apply for the state approved CNA programs in North Dakota, you need to meet the following;

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must have a complete physical screening. This must involve drug screening and TB testing. Up to date immunization is also required.
  • You must have a criminal background check with fingerprinting.
  • You must have a GED or a be high School graduate.

If you meet these you can enroll on a training course.

How to Apply.

You can skip the training program of the certified nursing aide, if you are either of these:

  • CNAs of other states applying for listing on the state’s registry.
  • Some LPNs, RNs and military CNAs can skip the exam and go straight on the register.

If you need to take the CNA training, you can download the full list of the state’s approved training programs from this link

All training programs that are approved by the state’s Board of Nursing need at least 75 hours. This is divided between 16 clinical hours and the rest for classroom lectures. Once candidates finish the minimum hours of the program, they can apply for the exam. It is done through the D&S website. You can choose a test place nearest you,

There are two sections. A written section (that can be taken orally), this has 72 multiple choice questions, and a skill exam in which students need to perform any 5 chosen skills. You need to qualify in both the sections to pass.


Training costs between $300 and $1000 in North Dakota. The exam fee is $ 120.

Certificate Renewal.

  • You need to renew your certificate every 2 years from when you get it.
  • A notice is sent out you at your recorded address 60 days before it runs out.
  • You must have completed 8 hours of paid employment as a CNA during the past 2 years in order to be able to apply for the certificate renewal.

Must Know Facts.

  • Federal law says that a Medicaid accredited nursing facility or Medicare must repay the training and exam costs of employed CNAs.
  • A sample test can be taken online before facing the actual testing. You can see the test by following this link.
  • You are allowed to work as a Certified Nursing Aide for up to 120 days in North Dakota if you get certified in those 120 days.
  • You are given three chances to pass the exam. If you fail, you have to retake the training program before you can take the exam again.

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