CNA Classes in Tennessee (TN)

It’s a smooth process to get certified as a nurse aide in Tennessee. You just have to take an approved training program and pass an exam to be added to the state registry. The Tennessee Department of Health (DOH) manages the certification process. A company called D&S Diversified Technologies oversees the test.


To enroll in a CNA program in Tennessee, you have to:

  • Be at least 16.
  • Have at least a 9th grade education.
  • Undergo a health exam that includes a drug and TB test.
  • Be current on your vaccines.
  • Pass a criminal background and fingerprint check.

Training and Testing

The Tennessee DOH website provides a list of accredited CNA courses. You have to complete at least 75 training hours, including 16 hours of hands-on clinical work.

You might be exempt from training if:

  • You’re a military medic.
  • You’re an RN or LPN student who has completed two basic nursing courses.
  • You already have a CNA license that expired less than 24 months ago.
  • You have a valid CNA license in another state (this does not apply to nurse aides from Georgia, North Carolina or Florida).

Once you finish training or your waiver is approved, you can apply to sit the CNA exam. The test has a written section and a practical skills section.


CNA courses cost about $800 in Tennessee. If you work in a Medicare-approved nursing facility, your training and testing fees will be reimbursed.

Exam fees are:

  • Written testing: $36
  • Oral testing: $36
  • Skills testing: $54

License Renewal

Your CNA license will expire every 2 years. It’s free to renew it, but you have to give proof that you worked as a paid CNA for at least 8 hours while you were certified.

Key Facts

  • You have 3 tries to pass the CNA exam. If you fail on the last attempt, you have to reenroll in training before you can take the test again.

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